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I'm Mariam Strieth, the Senior Executive at Marsala, a prominent fashion agency located in Thessaloniki, Greece, the bustling center of the European textile industry. 

With over two decades of experience, Marsala has been dedicated to connecting our loyal European clients with manufacturers across the Balkans.

Our journey began when my father, Peter Strieth, laid the foundation for Marsala in 1996. Prior to that, he served as a textile agent for Gedelfi. When Gedelfi ceased operations, my father took it upon himself to establish an independent business, and with the valuable input of his former colleagues, Marsala was born.

My father recognized that a textile agency must not only uphold high standards of quality at competitive prices but must also treat its clients with utmost respect and unwavering consistency. Hence, Marsala was founded on core values of integrity and trustworthiness.

When Peter Strieth established Marsala Textiles in 1996, he didn't just create a textile agency; he laid the cornerstone of an institution that places transparency at the forefront of all transactions. During his two decades as the director, he fostered enduring relationships with our clients, some of whom we've been serving for over 15 years. Even during the challenging times of the Greek economic recession, Marsala not only weathered the storm but thrived.

In 2016, with over 30 years of experience, my father retired. Since then, we've been dedicated to upholding Peter Strieth's vision by expanding and modernizing the business, all while staying true to the traditions that set us apart from our competitors.

We continually introduce new fashion lines, expand our men's and young fashion departments, and reinforce our expertise in our women's department, which has always been our strong suit.

Warm regards, Mariam Strieth Senior Executive, Marsala



Comprehensive Production Guidance at Every Step.

When you initially get in touch with us, whether you're a retailer or a wholesaler, we strive to pinpoint your specific requirements and offer you valuable insights into the textile industry in Greece and the Balkans. We delve into your production goals by asking the right questions to gain a deep understanding of your textile and production needs.

Our comprehensive services encompass the entire production process, ensuring impeccable quality for our clients' clothing lines.

We actively support our customers in transitioning from traditional to sustainable fashion production, prioritizing innovation, quality control, and accountability as integral company values. 

This approach helps us forge strong, enduring commercial relationships with our clients.

From our headquarters in Thessaloniki, Greece, we supply sustainable private label apparel products to European fashion labels, online retailers, and hypermarkets.