Overseeing your fashion productions.

Once we know what your vision entails, from textile identification to order size, we can connect you with the clothing producers who are specialized in the production areas that complement your fashion line needs and can deliver high quality products at the best prices, in a timeline that also suits you best. Our services do not end there. After we have matched you with a trusted manufacturer, we assume responsibility and control of the entire clothing production process. We act as liaisons between you and the producer, ensuring clear communication and resolving potential disputes.

Marsala oversees the clothing manufacturing process at every stage of the process to guarantee high quality results. We run extensive color, pattern, dimension, print, and accessory control checks so that your garments will look exactly how you envisioned them. 

Sampling throughout various stages of production is an essential part of our services to ensure your satisfaction and put your mind at ease. After the garments are produced, we run a final quality control to verify that the final product is defect-free and that all your needs have been met. Lastly, we make sure your garments are properly packaged, with their correct labels and etiquettes, and that are safely delivered to you.

We are dedicated to delivering clothes that look and feel good. Our twenty-year-long experience has equipped us with all the tools necessary to guarantee customer satisfaction. Your fashion line is safe in our hands.



Our manufacturers work with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certifications, which certifies that all raw materials, intermediate and finished products at all stages of production are free of harmful or illegal substances and that health care parameters are appropriate. 

We work with BSCI certified suppliers, which ensures the protection of workers' rights and safety.

Most of our suppliers also have GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification, which ensures environmental sustainability, traceability, transparency and consumer confidence. 

Excellent quality

We perform quality control checks to ensure that the final product meets the clients specifications and is of high quality. 

This can include checking for any defects or imperfections and making any necessary adjustments before the product is shipped to the client.

We do not leave anything to chance and are personally involved by keeping contact with our suppliers and sub-suppliers. 

We guarantee your fashion lines exceed your expectations. 

Quality control

Our negotiation skills have evolved over the past two decades. 

Marsala will always negotiate to reach target prices at high quality standards. 

Our strategy is to meet all our clients needs. We understand the deal dynamics, which are crucial in every negotiation. Marsala helps settle differences, by questioning, listening and clarifying. Always seeking for mutual benefit and reaching an agreement. Your orders are in good hands at Marsala.

Managing your orders

Communication is key throughout the entire process. 

In todays competitive marketplace, relationships and networks are critical assets in doing business. 

The world might feel very big, but we provide you valuable insight into companies, industries, trends and people about whom you need to know.

Connecting you to the right people

We conduct research on current fashion trends, consumer behavior and market demand to provide insights and inspiration for our brands collections. 

Helping you identify new and unique fabrics and trims that can be used in your productions or collections is something we provide our clients with on a daily basis. 

We also work closely with every brand to create custom designs that are inspired by the brand's vision and aesthetic. This results in collections that are tailored to the brand's unique identity and resonates with its target audience.

Collection inspiration

Once the pattern is created, we proceed to a sample garment. This will allow us to see how the garment looks in real life and make any necessary changes before the final product is produced.

Did you know that we deliver over 10 different kinds of samples for our various fast fashion customers? 

There are three broad classes of samples, one for each phase of production. 

From the original sample and the fit sample to the final production sample, we have you covered. 

Fast fashion in excellent quality.


When it comes to clothes, how fast is fast enough? 

Fast fashion clothing collections are based on the most recent fashion trends presented at Europe's and the rest of the world's Fashion Weeks. By choosing Marsala, you are emphasizing the optimization of specific aspects of the supply chain, allowing these trends to be designed and manufactured quickly, and enabling the mainstream consumer to buy current clothing styles at low prices. 

We have lead times of 5-6 weeks, and in some cases, less. 

Our productions are held in Europe and that is why fast deliveries continue to set us apart from the competition.

Fast Deliveries