It is important to note that the specific requirements and minimums for fashion production in Greece might vary depending on the scale of production, the type of products, the fabrics, and many other factors.

But it's safe to say that our suppliers are able to produce quantities starting at 200 pieces per color per style.

Finding the Right Supplier.

Locating the perfect supplier for your fashion brand requires thorough research and evaluation.

Our team has been a part of the Greek fashion market for over two decades, giving us a significant advantage in connecting with trustworthy suppliers.

We collaborate with suppliers boasting a proven track record in fashion production. Their extensive experience in manufacturing, rigorous quality control processes, certifications, and adherence to industry standards have all been rigorously tested during our enduring partnerships.

We're here to assist you in pinpointing the ideal factory for producing your fashion line. Contact us to bring clarity to your search.

Our agency has been providing quality control services for the past 20 years, serving numerous satisfied clients. We have established ourselves as a trusted partner in the industry, delivering reliable and effective quality control solutions. 

There are a few stages where quality control inspection is crucial.

The raw materials inspection for fabrics and accessories, the in process inspection and the final inspection and tests.

Just to mention a few of the various production componets, which always need to meet the needs, specifications and good quality standards:

– Selection of raw materials
– Picking the materials
– Fiber manufacturing
– Fabric construction
– Dye and coloration of the final fabrics
– Prints and designs
– Design creation
– Testing the fitting of the product
– Finishing components such as zippers or embellishments
– Comparing measurements to the pattern
– Checking thread count
– Observing colors and shade variations
– Checking stiching and seams
– Looking for broken zippers or buttons
– Looking for ripped seams
– Checking the hangtags, labels, barcodes, carelabels
– Checking the packaging
– Checking the end measurements

If the proper QC is not in place, it will cost you time and money hurting your brand name in the process.

That is why it is very important that you choose to work with an agency, that can provide you with a quality control system and keeps up in all of the above mentioned phases.

We focus on facilitating and managing the production and export processes for fashion brands. 

Our main goal is to assist our clients in bringing their fashion products to market efficiently and effectively. 

These are some areas we specialise in: 

1. Manufacturing and sourcing. 

2. Quality Control. 

3. Supply chain management.

4. Market research and trend analysis. 

5. Fast deliveries. 

6. Reliable distribution support. 

We offer quickly manufactured trendy clothing collections and allow our customers to take advantage of relatively low prices. Our customers expect the latest looks from us, but with this there is a duty to ensure our fashion is manufactured responsibly. This is why, we keep our production in Europe. We are customer focused and count some of Europes leading retail apparel wear. Our manufacturing bases are in Europe, which ensures that all production stages and running orders are cared for at its source. Marsala is dedicated to the design and commercialisation of fashion, and is aimed at women’s, men’s and children’s clothing .We have worked with many of our suppliers for a number of years and have created a relationship based on trust and expertise.

Launching and running a product based on a fashion brand, revolves around the creation of collections.Our suppliers develop their own fashion designs, presenting new styles every week.Since our suppliers work with some of the leading fast fashion brands in Europe, they are very familiar to preparing new ideas and fashion designs on a steady flow, the whole year over.Are you starting your collection?Do you need help with your fashion collection?The fashion industry is often trend-driven, so it is vital to know how to design a commercially strong fashion collection that is cohesive and makes sense to the buyers.A commercially strong fashion collection is essential regardless if you are selling direct to consumer, in person, in your own retail store, on your website, online platform, or to wholesalers who are reselling in their stores.We are here to help you build a fashion collection as you envision it!The quality of these collections and the consistency of that quality and presentation, is often what sets successful brands from the rest.Contact us and let us show you what our producers are capable of.